USA Shelco, Inc. was started by Raul Shelton, P.E., an engineer who conceived an engineering company where the two main priorities would be:
  1. Provide superior satisfaction to Clients through quality engineering versus selling man-hours.
  2. Create loyal employees by careful planning and marketing programs.
All this success has been achieved with the help of our core principles:

Relationship-based company
Our first core value is also our fundamental business strategy; we focus on forging strong, long-term relationships with our clients, as we consider sound client relationships the most important contributor to our success. We cement these relationships by providing superior customer value and continuously improving our performance.

People are our greatest asset
Employee talent is the cornerstone of our success; their expertise and capabilities win us work, perform the work, and create value for our clients. So we create an environment where our employees meet fresh exciting challenges and experience the satisfaction of a job well done. Ours is also an environment that is flexible to change and open to innovation. Every employee contributes to value-added performances.