Shelco was established as a Corporation under Texas law in 2000. It started providing design and equipment layout work for companies in the Compounding business. It was in the year 2002 that Shelco acquired the license of a Registered Engineering Firm in State of Texas.

Initial marketing was primary focused in the petrochemical, chemical, and minerals industries. However, responding to business challenges in the year 2003, Shelco successfully diversified into other areas such as: food, on-shore and offshore industries and continue to expand into the oil and gas markets and construction markets in Texas and along the Gulf Coast.

In 2005, Shelco continued to expand into commercial engineering (MEP) as the client base became more diverse.

Shelco now offers services to our clients from a staff of dedicated, trained professionals and support personnel. We have pull together a unique blend of the best industry specialists with various backgrounds from every discipline. Our people are equipped with the latest tools for engineering, drafting, computer/automation, and construction scheduling.

Because we provide our clients with the highest quality service at a very competitive rate, Shelco has enjoyed annual growth since its incorporation. Customer satisfaction is a fact confirmed by the considerable number of repeated clients we have.
Year established
Zero Incident
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From its inception, Shelco has performed numerous projects including construction and to this day has not lost a day of production, in the office or in the field, due to a near-miss or a recordable. Shelco association with sub-contractors is based on their Safety records and Quality work.